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For the intimate

well-being of your patients

Vaginal Rejuvenation

ATTIVA® Gynè has been designed for female intimacy, to help reverse the changes associated with aging and hormonal evolution. In the treated patients, we can observe a restoration of the urogenital mucosa’s structure with, as a consequence, an improvement in their quality of life. Results are felt the first day right after treatment, and the tightening effect is noticeable within 4 to 6 weeks, hence a high degree of patient satisfaction.

Safety and efficacy with Gynè
endo-vaginal technology

ATTIVA® Gynè heats the tissues in a focused way inside the vagina and the vulvar area to stimulate the cells to produce new collagen. The improvement is noticeable from the first sessions. The patented ATTIVA® Gynè treatment head can be used intra-vaginally and also on the labia majora. Thanks to its patent, the Attiva probe rotates and allows a minimally invasive and highly soft treatment.
The Subdermal Induced Heat (S.I.H.) technology stimulates the cells producing collagen by heating the tissues inside the vagina and the labia. The electrodes on the handpiece are positioned in a spiral pattern, wrapping the entire perimeter and length of the probe. Hence the treatment can be carried out with a gradual and straightforward, non-traumatic rotation, according to the set time cycle, guaranteeing an effective and complete treatment of the whole treated area.
The specially designed external support allows to keep the handpiece still during the treatment without the operator’s assistance. The temperature sensor on the handpiece and the external thermal imaging camera allows to work in total safety with precise and constant monitoring of the heat-induced inside the tissues.